Mar 28, 2017

Career Services: Networking and Application Prep

Welcome to Week 3 in our series on the services offered by Tuck’s Career Development Office (CDO). Here in admissions, we're happy to talk about careers and our wonderful colleagues in the CDO, but you can also read many blog posts directly from them. Next week, we'll wrap up the series by talking about interview prep and offer negotiation. 

Job search preparation: Classes and original content to learn about networking skills

  • Events
    • Events to facilitate networking
  • Coaching
    • How to approach a targeted search
    • Brainstorming specific resources tailored to your search
    • Advice on reaching out to potential connections
    • In-person review of networking-related communication
    • Preparations for networking opportunities

Application Materials
Job search preparation: Classes and original content to learn about writing cover letters and résumé

  • Events
    • CDO-led resume and/or cover letter reviews
  • Resources
    • Resume and cover letter examples and guides
  • Coaching
    • Cover email advice and review
    • Resume review to meet generally accepted resume standards
    • Insight into customizing resume for specific job
    • Advice on creating cover letter templates by role
    • In-person cover letter review for specific job

If you missed the previous posts, have no fear. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Week 1: Career Exploration & Other Resources
Week 2: On- and Off-Campus Recruiting