Mar 01, 2016

Get to Know Tuck: Visit

Researching programs and schools. This step of the application process will likely be ongoing and should not be minimized. While there are several programs that offer a great education, what sets them apart from one another? How do you determine the ever important topic of fit?

Probably the best way to answer these questions is by actually visiting the schools you’re considering. An MBA is a big investment in terms of money and time so you want to make sure that you pick the right school for you. It’s worth some travel if possible.

Tuck encourages perspective students who are applying in the next application cycle to visit without an interview during March and April. Your visit will include sitting in on a first-year class, lunch with current students, a tour of campus, and the opportunity to ask an admissions officer questions.

Use this link to find a date that works best for your schedule and then register. We don’t offer a standard visitor schedule during the summer while school isn’t in session, but will open back up for visits with interviews in August.

When you’re on campus and as you reflect afterward, ask yourself: Do I see myself at the schools I am considering? Was the campus and community a place you could live for two years? Are the students and alumni people you could identify with? Are they people you feel compelled to get to know? Did they make you feel comfortable throughout your conversations with them? Was the overall vibe of the school in keeping with your core principles and values? As you ask yourself these questions, many others will come up that will be more specific to you. Again, don’t underestimate the importance of fit as you consider which schools to apply to.

Another great way to learn about a program is to reach out to current students and alumni for their first-hand perspective. At Tuck, club co-chairs and research center fellows often provide their email address on the website, specifically so you can connect with them. Additionally, you can sign-up for Tuck Connections, which will match you with a student or an alum based on the criteria that you’ve requested. Finally, the admissions office will be all over the world and likely in a neighborhood near you during the summer and fall months. In addition to admissions staff, many events will include alumni or even be hosted by a student. Continue to check our travel calendar as it’s updated constantly.

Think of these touchpoints as more than just a checkbox on your application. There isn’t an ‘automatic admit’ option for the candidate who has talked to the most people or attended the most events. Rather, think of it as a step toward the huge investment you’re making in yourself – an investment that deserves an informed decision. Bonus: It actually WILL make your application stronger by gaining thorough and genuine understanding of how and why you and the school will complement each other.