May 28, 2020

In Between Two Cycles: An Update on the Classes of 2022 and 2023

By Luke Anthony Peña
Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Luke Anthony Peña

By Luke Anthony Peña
Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Hello and Happy May, friends.  Whether you live in a community that is gradually reopening or are still in lockdown, I hope you are staying safe and healthy.  In Hanover, the beautiful warm spring has arrived, the spring term is winding down, and we’re preparing for Tuck’s first-ever virtual Investiture celebration.  Meanwhile, my Admissions and Financial Aid colleagues and I find ourselves working across two application cycles; we’re continuing to work closely with those of you looking to join us this August, while also preparing to get to know those of you applying to join us in 2021.  I’m here on our blog this month to share a few updates for each group.

Class of 2022

To our admitted students: my colleagues and I are more excited each day to welcome you to Tuck!  We appreciate your decision to say yes to Tuck, begin your studies in this historic moment, and forge ahead with your journey as a wise, decisive leader.  Now that we’ve confirmed our on-time, online start for the Fall 2020 term*, my MBA Program Office colleagues are your primary contacts as you prepare to enroll.  That said, please continue reaching out to Admissions with enrollment questions and Financial Aid for guidance around financing your MBA.  Do also keep up with our Fall 2020 FAQ, and take full advantage of opportunities to connect remotely with your new classmates in the weeks and months ahead.

To our waitlisted applicants: my colleagues and I appreciate your continued enthusiasm and periodic check-ins affirming your interest in joining us this year.  Our class is nearly but not entirely full, and I expect we will make several dozen more admissions offers before the fall term starts.  Keep in touch, and watch for outreach from us -- we may email or call you, either as a group or individually, to verify that you remain interested in joining us.

To our Round 4 applicants: my colleagues and I commend you for taking advantage of our new admission round, created for those of you whose Round 3 applications were impacted by COVID-19.  We’re reviewing, interviewing, and releasing decisions on a rolling basis; we released several dozen decisions in May, and we’ll release many more throughout June.  All of you will receive an admission decision no later than July 1.  Given the late date in our cycle, we don’t plan to place many of you on a waitlist, although there may be a few exceptions.  We also don’t plan to extend the June 1 application deadline - we need to close this year’s application and prepare to launch next year’s.

To those of you who were denied admission this year: my colleagues and I thank you for the privilege of getting to know you better through your application.  We do not intend to reconsider or reverse decisions; we will fill our final seats in the class by admitting from the waitlist and from Round 4.  If you intend to reapply, then keep reading… the section below is for you!

Class of 2023

To those of you looking to join us in 2021: my colleagues and I are delighted you’re considering Tuck!  We’re currently reviewing our admissions criteria, our application materials, our evaluation process, and our application dates, all with an eye towards opening our application in late June or early July.  While there may be a few edits and updates here and there, I don’t anticipate significant changes in any of these important components for the 2020-2021 application.  So start tentatively planning now, and we’ll update you throughout June with more details.

Many of you have asked about visiting campus.  Per the current public health guidance, we cannot offer campus visits.  This also means applicant-initiated interviews and in-person class visits are currently paused.  We recognize there is no perfect substitute for experiencing the vibrancy of Tuck in person, but you have alternative options to better get to know our community.  You can tour campus virtually, and see the physical beauty of Tuck and the Upper Valley on our YouTube channel.  We expect to offer additional interactive tours in the months ahead, and you will be able to see faculty and students interact live in online class visits in the forthcoming fall term. 

You can also engage with our Admissions and Financial Aid team, our students, and our alumni at live online events.  For the coming months, we invite you to connect with Tuck representatives and ambassadors online at a variety of events, including Tuesdays with Tuck, coffee chats with me, and an array of small group events tailored to specific geographies, industries, and affinity groups.  These events will be offered at varying times to acknowledge time zone differences, and will be mostly small in size -- that’s the Tuck way, so you can connect and engage with others on the chat.  We won’t be traveling the world this summer, so we’re excited that these online events will accommodate all of you, including those outside the cities we typically visit.

Finally, we’ve worked closely with our student ambassadors to simplify your ability to connect with one (or more!) of our students.  Our Tuck Ambassadors page lists the name, class year, contact information, and profile of over 130 Tuck students -- all filtered by region, activity and club, career path, and Center involvement.  Use this resource to hear directly from students about Tuck, and how we are navigating these historic times together as a community.  And although our interviews are committee-initiated for now, do know that our Tuck Admissions Associates -- our second-year student interviewers -- will continue to conduct almost all interviews so you can have yet another touch point with a Tuck student.

I expect to be back on this blog in late June to preview our 2020-2021 application in more detail.  Until then, keep safe, keep healthy, and keep in touch with our student ambassadors, with our Admissions and Financial Aid colleagues, and with me.

*As of academic year 2021 – 2022, “Fall A” is now termed Summer Term and “Fall B” is termed Fall Term.