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Feb 22, 2019

Tuck Admissions Insights: Right Fit for Tuck

By Luke Anthony Peña

Tuck’s Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Luke Anthony Peña shares how you can tell if you would be a good fit for the Tuck MBA program in part 2 of this video interview with Menlo Coaching. Watch the video to learn:

  1. Who should apply
  2. Who SHOULDN’T apply (hint: people who like to compete rather than collaborating)
  3. Why Tuck’s network is an asset that gets even better over time
  4. How focusing exclusively on rankings and brands can lead applicants to make bad decisions
  5. Getting to know Tuck through the open interview process
  6. Tuck’s three core values

In case you missed it, see part 1 of the interview here

Luke Anthony Peña Interview