Andy Bernard and Phillip Stocken Receive New Endowed Professorships

Dean Matthew J. Slaughter announced the appointments of Bernard and Stocken and the promotion of four other professors in an email to the community.

Andy Bernard

Named the Kadas T’90 Distinguished Professor

Established through the generosity of Peter Kadas, a 1990 Tuck graduate and Tuck Overseer, the inaugural Kadas Distinguished Professorship is intended for one of the world’s most elite scholars in the global political economy. It is designed to further Tuck’s commitment to maintaining an excellent faculty and interdisciplinary learning environment.

Bernard is widely regarded as one of the world’s most prolific and most creative scholars in international economics. Over the past generation he has been one of the vanguard researchers to confront decades of theory and models with meticulous empirical work focusing on individual companies in the global economy—both how they operate and how government policies shape this performance. The world today now knows that globally connected companies—through some combination of exporting, importing, and investment—tend to have a bundle of performance strengths such as higher productivity and higher wages. “Exporting companies pay higher wages” is a fact that U.S. presidents and many other leaders now invoke when discussing what globalization means for companies and people. Bernard and his co-authors first documented this and many other such findings that are now foundational in international economics—and that help inform both business leadership and public policy as well.

Named one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds by Thompson Reuters, and a Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate Analytics, Bernard was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the Tuck Class of 2017 for his teaching in the Global Economics for Managers core course. His elective course, Countries and Companies in the International Economy, has long been one of the most popular electives in the Tuck MBA program.

Andy Bernard is a renowned thought leader and scholar, one of Tuck’s strongest teachers, and a dedicated mentor to our junior faculty—he is a fixture in our Tuck community.

Endowed professorships are the highest faculty honor at Dartmouth, with those designated as distinguished representing the greatest level of academic distinction. “Andy Bernard is beyond deserving of such an honor,” says Matthew J. Slaughter, the Paul Danos Dean of Tuck. “He is a renowned thought leader and scholar, one of Tuck’s strongest teachers, and a dedicated mentor to our junior faculty. He is a fixture in our Tuck community.”

The Kadas T’90 Distinguished Professorship is made possible by Peter Kadas T’90 who co-founded Russia’s first private investment bank, Renaissance Capital, in 1995. Kadas, a member of the Tuck European Advisory Board, is director of the BXR Group in London. Hungarian born, Kadas worked as a director for Credit Suisse First Boston’s branch office in Budapest. He has also served on a number of corporate boards, including CSFB Budapest, the Management Committee of Renaissance Capital, and Ceske Radiokomunikace.

Phillip Stocken

Named Jack Byrne Professor of Accounting

Established in 2003, the Byrne Professorship is intended for a top scholar in finance, accounting, or economics. The previous holder of the Jack Byrne chair was Andy Bernard.

Stocken’s research explores the financial-reporting environment for companies—in particular, how this environment influences the actions of company leaders. Timely and accurate information about firm performance lies at the heart of effective capital markets. An important stream of Stocken’s research focuses on a manager’s disclosure strategy. Another important stream of his research also examines how financial analysts convey information to investors.

A distinguishing feature of Stocken’s research is his ability to analyze accounting issues using tools and frameworks from economics, above and beyond his home discipline of accounting. This cross-discipline perspective is quite unusual, as it requires facility with multiple literatures. Done well, scholars at the intersection of accounting and economics can address more-fundamental issues about our world—and can bring much richer perspectives into the classroom. Stocken’s research has been met with repeated, high-level success. The audience for his work includes both accountants and economists, with a publication record at the highest level of both fields.

Stocken sets the standard for excellence in Tuck’s core course on financial accounting. He received the Tuck Class of 2011 Award for Teaching Excellence in the first year it was awarded. He is also an outstanding teacher in his second-year elective, Advanced Issues in Financial Reporting; in the Master of Engineering Management course on Financial and Managerial Accounting; and in executive education courses. And as part of the TuckGO suite of global courses, Stocken regularly leads a Global Insight Expedition to his home country of South Africa.

Adam Kleinbaum

Awarded Tenure

Adam Kleinbaum, a world-recognized researcher and an accomplished teacher, has been awarded tenure by the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College.

Kleinbaum’s research investigates the origins and implications of social networks. His research has clarified several determinants of social networks: how organizational structure (both formal and informal) shapes and constrains network formation, how career history influences network structure, how personality affects network formation and decay, and how the brain stores and processes information about networks. Of keen relevance to scholars and practitioners alike, Adam’s work has been published in top general-interest management journals including Management ScienceAdministrative Science QuarterlyStrategic Management Journal, and Organization Science.

At Tuck, Kleinbaum teaches the core MBA course, Leading Individuals and Teams, and a Research-to-Practice Seminar, Social Networks in Organizations. He has also guided a Global Insight Expedition to Israel, with a focus on that country’s technology and entrepreneurship environment. Beyond the classroom Adam contributes to our learning environment in many ways, such as organizing a Dartmouth-wide seminar on networks.

Bernard joined Tuck’s Strategy and Management group in 2009. He holds a DBA in Management and an A.B. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from Harvard University. Last year Poets & Quants named him one of the “World’s Best 40 under 40 Business School Professors.”

Eesha Sharma

Named Associate Professor

Eesha Sharma has been promoted to associate professor (without tenure). Sharma joined Tuck’s Marketing group in 2013. She has taught the Consumer Insights elective course in Tuck’s MBA program, Introduction to Marketing in Thayer’s Masters in Engineering Management program, and Principles of Marketing to undergraduates at Dartmouth College.

She holds a Ph.D. and an M.Phil. in Marketing from New York University. She also holds a B.Sc. in Finance and Marketing from New York University, and was an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Sharma’s research examines by the interplay between consumer spending and real or perceived financial resource scarcity. This research explores topics such as how and why people give to charity, and what factors improve or worsen consumer financial decision making. Her work speaks to academics in multiple fields. Her work has been published in marketing journals such as Journal of Consumer Research and in decision-making journals such as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Santiago Gallino

Named Associate Professor

Santiago Gallino has been promoted to associate professor (without tenure). Gallino joined Tuck’s Operations and Management Science group in 2013. He teaches the core MBA Decision Science course and a Research-to-Practice Seminar, Retail Operations.

Gallino holds a Ph.D. in Managerial Science and Applied Economics and an A.M. in Statistics from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an MBA from the IAE Business School, Universidad Austral and an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Gallino conducts empirical research on retail operations. His work has improved our understanding of omni-channel retail, in which a retailer uses multiple channels—such as physical stores and on-line stores—to sell its products. His work has been published in Management Science, the top academic journal for operations researchers. He has also won the INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Practice Award in 2015, the Applied Research Challenge from the Production and Operations Management Society in 2014, and the Overall Best Paper Award in the Workshop of Information Systems and Economics in 2014.

Teresa Fort

Named Associate Professor

Teresa Fort has been promoted to associate professor (without tenure). Fort joined Tuck’s Economics group in 2012. She teaches the core MBA Managerial Economics course and a Research-to-Practice Seminar, The Global Structure and Conduct of Firms.

Fort holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland and B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia. She was recently awarded the prestigious Peter B. Kenen Fellowship from Princeton University, where she will visit in academic year 2017-2018.

Fort’s research examines firm organization in global markets, spanning topics such as offshoring, production fragmentation, and factory-less goods producers. Her research helps us understand how the global fragmentation of production affects economic growth and welfare. Her work has been published in some of the top general-interest economics journals, including American Economic Review and Review of Economic Studies. 

All appointments are effective July 1, 2017.