Tuck’s Class of 2019 at a Glance

The class of 2019 is a talented group of dynamic students who will thrive in Tuck’s trust-based learning community.

Once again, The Tuck class includes a record number of women enrolling at 44 percent.

At 23 percent, the Tuck community’s U.S. minority student enrollment is likewise higher than ever before. Tuck’s incoming students are citizens of the world not only in the literal sense—T’19s hold passports from 38 countries—they also bring meaningful global experiences to Hanover, having worked professionally in 39 countries.

The class is academically and intellectually strong with an average GMAT score of 722 and an average GPA of 3.51. And with an average of over five years of professional experience, the incoming 293 students are also accomplished. They come to Tuck from 256 different employers, and that counts only their most recent employer, said Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Luke Anthony Peña.

“This is incredible professional diversity, demonstrating that the pathways to Tuck are numerous rather than narrow,” said Peña. “Our mission resonates powerfully with students who embrace our personal, connected, and transformative core strategic values, commit to supporting and challenging one another, and strive to better our world. I’m delighted that the class of 2019 meets these measures.”

Learn more about the new class of 2019 by visiting the online class profile.