Although many recruiters visit Tuck for on-campus interviews, we are happy to work with you to interview students online virtually via Zoom, by videoconferencing, tele-interviewing, or the platform of your choice.
Our Visitor Logistics page will help you with transportation options, directions to Tuck, lodging, and details about shipping publicity and promotional materials.



Interviews can be either Company Scheduled or Tuck Scheduled. 

Company scheduled interviews are conducted on your company’s timeline, with the company handling the interview scheduling and facilitation. It is expected that companies will share timeline details with Career Services so that there is transparency in the process. Students must submit application materials through Tuck Recruiting AND may also apply via an external company site (if required). If you would like to host your interviews on campus, contact Tuck Career Services to request rooms. These are available on a first come/first served basis and Tuck Scheduled interviews will take priority.

Tuck scheduled interviews (aka on-campus/OCI) are offered during set times throughout the year. Full-time interviews are available September through November and Internship interviews are held during the month of January. Students must submit application materials through Tuck Recruiting AND may also apply via an external company site (if required). Companies will submit interview invitations through Tuck Recruiting (or send directly to Career Services) by an agreed upon date. Interview scheduling will be handled by Career Services. If conducted virtually, interview logistics (meeting links) can be provided by the company or Career Services depending on the company’s preference. Please refer to Key Dates for deadlines and interview week offerings.


Interviews are typically scheduled in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute intervals, but we will work with you to customize your schedule based on your individual interview requirements.
Rotating schedules, in which each student has two back-to-back interviews, are also available.

Interviews for full-time students will take place from September 16 through November 7. Full-time interviews may begin in the morning, typically between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Interviews for first-year students during January 2–5, 2024 will begin in the mornings, typically at 9 a.m. Interviews for first-year students during January 8–18, 2024 cannot begin before 12:30 p.m. to accommodate mandatory core classes in the morning.

If you would like to hold second-round interviews on campus, please let us know at the time you reserve your dates so that we can reserve the necessary rooms.

Interviews templates and examples can be found in the Resources section.


Upon receiving and reviewing student applications, you will be asked to provide a list of the students you have pre-selected for your interview schedule. We refer to this as the closed list. The number of students you may select will equal the total number of interview slots for full-time roles and intern roles.



Prior to your interview date, you can view your preliminary interview schedule(s) online. Please be aware that changes to the schedule may occur up to the day of the interview.
 As your interview date approaches, we will ask that you provide the names, titles, and email addresses for all interviewers who will be coming to campus.


On the day of your interviews, please check in at Tuck Career Services at least 30 minutes before your first interview. Our office is located in room 107 on the ground floor of the Tuck Hall on Tuck’s campus. When you check in, we will provide you with a final interview schedule and a copy of each student's résumé before walking you to your interview room.
Please notify us in advance if your company plans to bring their own interviewer packets or ship materials to Tuck ahead of time. We will also collect a business card from each interviewer to provide contact information to our students.



Tuck’s policy on job-offer response time is intended to meet the needs of both recruiters and students and is similar to policies held by other MBA programs.
For a complete recruiting calendar and job-offer response time information, please see Key Dates.

For additional information about planning your interviews, please work with your industry-specific contact below.

Stephanie Turner
Financial Services/PE/Real Estate

Susan Pagan-Hilton
Manufacturing/LDPs/General Management
Marketing/Social Impact/Entrepreneurship

For general questions, or if you are new to recruiting at Tuck, please contact Stephanie Turner.