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Feb 25, 2022

Career Services Insights: Career Exploration

By Career Services

By Tuck Career Services

If you’re going to dedicate time, effort, and resources toward landing your dream job, probably best to ensure it’s the right role for you! Hear from Sarah DiGiacomo, who shares her perspective on why career exploration is such a critical piece of the process. This episode will be followed by a mini-series of episodes focused on individualized career preparation and several interviews with students who have successfully navigated targeted job searches.


Sarah DiGiacomo

Episode 5: Career Exploration

Sarah DiGiacomo, Associate Director, Tuck Career Services


When you’re at Tuck and going to company briefings, when you’re having networking conversations...take two minutes and jot down your reaction after listening to the briefing or a conversation with an alum. Are you feeling motivated? Are you excited? Are you bored? And from there you can pick up on themes...It’s a small, simple thing, but it can be really effective for the process.



The Power of the Tuck Network

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Join Andy Kaestle T'17, associate director of Career Services, as he speaks with fellow Tuck team members and community members about their expertise, including networking and resume writing tips.

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