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Jan 21, 2022

Career Services Insights: Resumes and Cover Letters

By Tuck Career Services

Age-old wisdom suggests that being offered a job is the result of acing an interview, but landing the interview requires submitting application materials that position you as a differentiated and well-suited candidate. The Career Services Insights podcast caught up with our team’s resident resume guru Mathias Machado T’09 to discuss the role resumes and cover letters play in the application process, what employers are looking for in each, and how job-seekers can maximize their chances of securing an interview. We also touch on what candidates should know about the latest automated screening software, social media presence, and some of the most commonly made missteps that can derail one’s candidacy.


Mathias Machado

Episode 3: Exploring Your Application Materials

Mathias Machado T’09, Director, Career Services and Resources, Tuck Career Services


"We see a lot of applications where the cover letter is optional...If you have a great cover letter for the company, why wouldn't you submit it? From the recruiter point of view—there are two groups. There are those individuals who submit a cover letter, because it's a great cover letter. And there are those individuals who do not submit the cover letter, because it's a terrible cover letter. What group do you want to be in?"



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