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Feb 02, 2022

Career Services Insights: Networking Tips

By Tuck Career Services


Networking is often viewed as something that only benefits the employer. Join Deirdre O’Donnell to learn how you can leverage networking to learn about potential employers, highlight your skills and experience, as well as start to build relationships with future co-workers. Deirdre opens up about the pivotal role networking played in launching and advancing her 25-year career at Lehman Brothers, as well as the common pitfalls she sees students make when navigating the networking process.


Deirde O'Donnell

Episode 4: Networking Tips

Deirdre O’Donnell, Director, MBA Career Services and Advising, Tuck Career Services


“Networking doesn't have to be a phone call...Networking is developing a relationship. It can be as simple as every few months, you check in via email and just give the other person an update. Last year, COVID was a great reason to reach out to people...just give them an update. It's an email, but it keeps your name fresh. You're inviting them into your life and your process and that creates an emotional connection. You aren't asking them for anything. Ask them, Ask them, ‘How's it going for you?’”



The Power of the Tuck Network

  • Explore profiles of Tuck alumni, including Michael Carusi T'93, who shares his favorite networking tips.
  • Meet four T'22s who secured internships in industries outside of their pre-Tuck experience thanks in part to networking.

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