Jan 11, 2022

Career Services Insights: The General Manager Skillset

By Tuck Career Services

By Tuck Career Services

Many prospective students are drawn to Tuck by the opportunity to develop a general manager skillset. Join Tuck Career Services' Marc Aquila T’07 and Andy Kaestle T'17 in conversation as they explore the various career paths that enable Tuck MBAs to develop a well-rounded business skillset, the advantages of each, and how to give yourself the best chance at successfully pursuing these roles. Marc draws on his own experience successfully landing a spot in John Deere’s management development program, and many years of working with Tuckies to secure jobs at some of the most recognizable and sought-after organizations in the world.


Marc Aquila

Episode 2: The General Manager Skillset

Marc Aquila T’07, Director, Business Development, Tuck Career Services


"I can sit in a vacuum and come up with companies that sound great because I read about them in The Wall Street Journal or The Economist. And some of those might not be hiring [for] post-MBA roles. At Tuck, we have a list of companies that regularly hire… find out where last year’s graduating class is, find out where the current second years are interning, talk to those folks because those companies are obviously hiring…they’ve just done it in the last 18 months. That’s a pretty warm lead."



Tuck Student Stories: General Management

Browse the pathways of recent Tuck graduates to learn more about how each leveraged their time at Tuck, as well as the roles they entered in their post-MBA journeys.

Additional Insights from Career Services

Join Andy Kaestle T'17, associate director of Career Services, as he speaks with fellow Tuck team members and community members about their expertise, including tips for submitting your best job application possible, networking tips, and career exploration.

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