Arleen Chien T'21

“I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by a community at Tuck that always encourages me to face challenges head-on.”

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My role before Tuck was in business services and I worked specifically with marketing professionals. I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA because I wanted a broader understanding of the business world and how different functions within a company actually work together.

I wanted a fully immersive business school experience with a strong core curriculum. With this in mind, Tuck easily rose to the top of my list. Beyond that, when I came on campus for my interview, I really felt how supportive the community was. Everyone was so welcoming, and I immediately felt so at home.

Being an associate and fellow of the Center for Digital Strategies has been the highlight of my Tuck experience. I met some of my best friends through the center, found mentors who I know will support and challenge me throughout my career, and got to learn about everything from esports to bitcoin from my classmates.

The learning environment at Tuck is incredibly supportive. I love that every professor has an open-door policy—I feel like I can always ask questions and that my professors and classmates are actually eager to help me understand the material we cover in class. Beyond that, Tuck has a very collaborative learning environment that encourages us to work effectively and excel in team settings.

I really got to experience the strength of the Tuck community—both on campus and throughout our alumni base—when I lost my original summer internship due to the global pandemic. Classmates and Tuck alumni I had never spoken to reached out to help me brainstorm potential project ideas and offered to connect me with anyone within their rolodexes. I think the trust that every Tuckie has in each other is something so special. I am so proud to be part of this community.

Because of Tuck’s remote location, everyone is 110 percent invested in being here. I love this because it has meant that I’ve gotten to know my classmates incredibly well, immerse myself in my classes, and try new things (like Tripod!) that I would have never thought to do outside of the Upper Valley. Everyone is present and it helps foster a community that I believe is unrivaled!

I encourage prospective students to reflect on what they want to get out of their business school experience and start getting to know the distinct Tuck community. Our motto is “Your time, Your Tuck.” Every Tuckie you speak to will offer a unique perspective on this special place.

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