Vedrana Greatorex T'18

“Tuck has opened doors for me that I did not even know existed.”

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Business was the language I grew up with. My mom was a banker, and my dad was a business manager for several different companies. I was born into a white-collar family in Croatia, but when I moved to the U.S. alone, I found that I had to reestablish myself.

As an immigrant, it took me a while to learn how different institutions worked and how to best position myself for an exciting future. While completing my undergraduate degree, I worked in southern Vermont as a nuclear plant operator. When they announced a shutdown, I saw it as an opportunity to get back to business, something I felt naturally good at. I traded in my hard hat and steel-toe boots for suits and high heels.

I came to Tuck for a summer visit day, and never wanted to leave. Dean Matt Slaughter talked about the importance of visionary, globally-minded leadership. He believed that you could add a lot of satisfaction and richness to your life by being a force for the good in the lives of others. His vision for Tuck students matched what I hoped my future would look like. I only had six months to prepare my application, but I went after it full force. I wanted to come to Tuck and explore all of the things I never had access to.

Now that I am here, Tuck only exceeded my expectations. It feels like I am on an exciting trajectory again. I thrive in small, personal places where I can create meaningful and deep relationships. I would always choose to live in a community where it feels like I matter, like I have a place and I’m adding something to the whole. My husband said it best when he stated that he’s never been to a place like Tuck, where everybody is so happy to be exactly where they are. In this building, there is so much energy and so much hope. There’s so much excitement for the future. The walls reverberate with an amazing hum!

My biggest fear in life is boredom. I’m a person who thrives when I can engage with many disciplines marketing, strategy, finance and operations. It is when all those pieces create a meaningful whole that I feel extremely engaged and energized. It is where I thrive. That’s why I was so incredibly excited to discover general management and rotational programs. I could explore my passion for all disciplines.

I need to have interesting problems to solve that are going to engage me intellectually. One project I have been working on as a Deanery Fellow is a review of Tuck’s MBA curriculum. The Deanery Fellows are the eyes and ears of the curriculum committee. The goal is to make sure our classes and programs are timeless and timely. My input will help make sure that students continue to learn both the fundamentals of business and what it takes to excel in today’s environment. We want to help all Tuck students develop the leadership skills they need to succeed.

Tuck has opened doors for me. I’ve been able to access a network of incredibly smart and open people. I developed my leadership skills in The CEO Experience, a second-year elective with former New Hampshire Governor Lynch. He is the embodiment of a business and civic leader who represents all the values that make Tuck great. When I look at Governor Lynch, I see a person who is able to manage a business and make tough decisions while caring for the people within the organization. He taught me that even when you have to make tough decisions, you can still be honest, transparent and fair to everybody. He is an inspiration.

As part of my investment class with Professor French, I had an opportunity to meet Bill McNabb. He is the former CEO and now Chairman of the Board of Vanguard, where I interned and will be working after I graduate this year. I went in to my internship with certain expectations, and the company exceeded all of them. Vanguard reminds me a lot of Tuck. It’s a mission-driven, ethical company that values collaboration, its people and their clients. There’s a fantastic work-life balance and a strong emphasis on the integration of wellness and family. This is important to me because I have two children, who are 7 and 3 years old.

Tuck is great for couples and families. The MBA journey can be hard on a family because one member is going to be busy and going through a tremendous growth opportunity, but Tuck does so much to keep you in lockstep with your partner. They create an inclusive environment with a lot of shared activities and family-friendly events. Tuck believes that as you grow, your partner should grow with you.

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