Obinna Arizor T'19

“ I’ve grown personally, built relationships with lifelong friends/allies, and developed the confidence to effect the change I want to see in business and society.”

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Once I spoke to people from Tuck, I just knew something was special. It’s hard to discern between different MBA programs when looking at business school websites alone. But the level of engagement and the sense of community here was really palpable. Being from New York I wanted something a little bit different, so it made sense for me to come here as a real stretch and growth opportunity. I knew I would love it for two years.

I’m going into general management at JP Morgan after Tuck. I didn’t come here with the expectation of doing that. I thought I was going to be a consultant. When I started at Tuck, I was like, you can’t tell me I’m not going to do consulting! Then I did it for the summer and determined it wasn’t the right fit for me immediately post-Tuck. I think that’s great. Tuck provides you with the option to do so many different things. You learn about so many industries and functions you didn’t have exposure to before. It allowed me to find out what I wanted, and what I didn’t want.

The international exposure I had when I went to South Africa was amazing. It was a GIX with Professor Stocken. Mostly we focused on the revitalization of the African continent. We looked at the industrial sector, entrepreneurship, and even met a woman who had a business making animals out of beads. I had never worked abroad, and never studied abroad. So, yes. You learn a lot about domestic business, but the school is putting a lot of resources behind making sure you understand the wider, global picture. That was important to me.

Time at Tuck feels like it has a multiplier to it. Living in the dorm for three months, it was like I knew those people for three years. The time it took for me to bond with people here is much shorter than anywhere else. I can’t imagine life without some of the classmates that I’ve met here.

This is a place you come if you want to grow. if you want to work on yourself professionally, personally, and you value relationships, this is a good match. It’s not for everyone. But if you are a relationship-driven person, and you want to come here to form life-long bonds with classmates and faculty, and you want an amazing educational experience, then Tuck is the place for you.

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