Jun 25, 2019

How Tuck Can Help Transform Your Career

By Tuck Career Services

Tuck brings a unique and personalized approach to helping students achieve their career aspirations. As Stephen Pidgeon T'07, executive director of Career Services at Tuck, explains in a recent webinar, many elements at Tuck work in tandem to provide transformational career services to its students: alumni mentors, expert career advisers, Tuck Centers, student career mentors, career clubs, and more.

"This is very emblematic of the way Tuck operates," says Pidgeon. "It's a network of support." But there's one component of career services at Tuck that really distinguishes it from other peer schools: its people. "Whatever career path you’re on, there will be people through clubs, through the classes you’re in, etc. who will actively seek you out and give you advice, offer interview practice, and just give you general support," says Pidgeon. "The transformation you go through will be largely driven by the people you’re around."

Watch our career-focused webinar with Pidgeon to learn more about how Tuck provides a highly personal and transformative career experience for its students.

Before attending Tuck, Stephen Pidgeon T'07 directed and produced multiple television series and a movie. Post-MBA, he worked as an engagement manager at McKinsey in London, focusing on health care consulting with a functional specialty in organizational design. Stephen joined Tuck Career Services in 2010. He is the author of the bestselling books How To Get A Job In Consulting and Case Interviews for Beginners.