Jan 31, 2024

Tactical Tuck: Military Visit Day

By Kristin Roth
Associate Director of Admissions, Evaluation

Before coming to Tuck, Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery CEO and Owner Jarett Berke T’17 (pictured above), a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, flew CH-53 helicopters for the Marine Corps.

Why do we host a Military Visit Day (MVD) every year? Two reasons:

  1. Tuck is one-of-a-kind and military applicants should visit to see how our unique program fits their unique background, and
  2. Military applicants benefit from a program tailored directly to them, that makes meaningful connections between their personal experience and the transformative nature of the Tuck MBA.

“Tuck’s Military Visit Day allows our current students to connect and share their experiences with interested Veteran applicants. The two-day event creates time and space for applicants to gain additional perspective into the daily lives of Tuck students, life in the Upper Valley, and how their unique backgrounds and service to our country will add to the Tuck Community.

This year’s event included small group discussions, student and faculty panels, a mock class, and shared meals between the attendees and our Tuck Vets.” –Will Burroughs T’25

Getting a chance to walk the halls with current students, participate in classroom discussions, and share meals with the Tuck Veterans Club and alumni illuminates the transformative Tuck MBA and makes the warmth of our community come alive.

Ask Ryan Fischer T’24. “Tuck Military Visit Day unequivocally affirmed why Tuck was the right choice for me. From my initial interactions on campus to the entire weekend, I felt seen, heard, and appreciated for the unique experiences I, as a veteran, bring to the table. 

It was also where I came to understand that the Tuck MBA not only challenges you academically, pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and skills, but it also propels you into a transformative personal development journey. While the idea of this much change and challenge can be daunting to a servicemember considering the transition to the civilian world, I also came to understand that the Tuck community genuinely has your back through all of it. I’ve never felt isolated or alone and that has made all the difference.”

Tuck’s not for everyone – some people aren’t looking for the 24/7, immersive, and intentional experience Tuck offers. For our military students, that kind of environment feels familiar and yet offers the challenge of learning to excel in a totally new space. Alumni who attended Military Visit Day in the past feel so passionate about it that they ask to come back to sit on the alumni career panel before I even have the chance to reach out. (I see you, Mike and Makena.)

Students like Joe Barrett T’25 recruit their friends to attend and are happy to recruit you too.

“I attended Tuck's Military Visit Day (MVD) last year and had an unforgettable experience. From the moment I stepped onto the campus, I was greeted with warm smiles and a sense of belonging I thought I could only find inside of the military. This incredible experience at Tuck's MVD is why I chose to attend Tuck and why I encouraged my former Naval Academy roommate to attend this year. If you are considering an MBA and want to experience firsthand what makes Tuck and the Upper Valley so transformative, I highly recommend attending Tuck's MVD! We can't wait to meet you and have you on campus!”

For those of you planning your application in a future admissions year, consider joining us for Military Visit Day in the fall of 2024. Whether you’re applying this year or in the future, connect with the Tuck Veterans Club. They can’t wait to talk with you about why Tuck is right for you.