Aditya K. Shah T'16

“Tuck is especially good at making everyone—no matter what culture you’re from—feel comfortable.”

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When I visited for the first time, Tuck allowed me to accompany an operations course to the Keurig Green Mountain factory even though I hadn’t applied yet. I thought, “If this is how Tuck treats people who aren’t admitted yet, how would it be if I was actually a student here?” That made me decide right then that this was the place for me.


Five students and I got together and launched Roots, a student-run initiative that supplies tea to the JOE coffee shop at Tuck. We also put on a lot of events. Launching Roots was a dream come true. It’s easy to make your mark here because the level of support you receive across the board is outstanding.


Although I’ve worked outside of India, I had never lived outside of a non-Indian-majority community for a long period of time. Tuck is especially good at making everyone—no matter what culture you’re from—feel comfortable. We have lots of events that expose people to different parts of the world. Plus, international students each get a mentor. Mine is Dean Steve Lubrano. Just knowing that you have somebody here who is looking out for you helps so much.


Take a short break before coming to Tuck to get yourself organized. That way, when you come here, you can hit the ground running. Fall A is pretty time-consuming and you’re pulled in a lot of different directions. The more prepared you can be, the better. Plus, be open to the entire experience. A lot of good things will happen that you didn’t expect, so don’t have a closed mind to new opportunities.


Recruiting through the Career Development Office was a completely different experience for me. In the U.S., recruiting is heavily focused on networking, which is not as common in a place like India. Developing those skills, understanding the nuances of those social situations, and establishing these connections has been a pretty big takeaway for me.

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