Enrique Aguilar Fernandez T'16

“Tuck transformed me in a personal way. It helped me discover myself as a leader, as a colleague, and as a friend.”

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Why Tuck?

“When I came for my interview, I had forgotten my tie, and a student I didn't even know made the trip to my hotel room in Lebanon to give me one of his. The next day when I arrived on campus, a fellow Mexican was there to greet me and take me through the whole process. My mind was completely blown away by the way I was treated. For someone who had barely lived in the U.S. before coming to Tuck, this was nothing like how I thought about business school in America. Tuck opened my eyes to a whole new set of values that will stay with me forever.

Core Quality

Tuck's core curriculum completely redefined my way of picturing an MBA. Forcing you to take classes that you would not choose otherwise broadens your perspective, and allows you to explore new paths. For example, the Statistics for Managers course by Professor Scott Neslin is the best approach to general statistics that I have ever seen in my life, even with my engineering background and my studies in public administration at UPenn. In addition, Professor Giovanni Gavetti, who taught Competitive and Corporate Strategy, got rid of all the mumbo-jumbo that strategy sometimes entails, and showed us that strategy does not have to be abstract. And in my Operations Management course, Professor Joe Hall easily transmitted the job of a COO, and how it contributes to the overall strategy of a business and industry.

A New Perspective

After spending almost three years working in management consulting at Bain & Co., I had never even heard of Professor Vijay Govindarajan's approach to strategy. But in his class, Implementing Strategy, he shifted my entire perspective on strategy, from leadership, to business model execution, to reverse innovation. We tend to see strategy as a holistic approach to operating a business, but in this course I was able to see the intricacies of implementation and the importance of aligning all relevant factors. The importance of implementing strategy—taking your thoughts to actions—was one of the most useful career concepts I developed. The class was absolutely fantastic.

A Tuck Takeaway

It is very difficult to lead unless you speak from the heart. I learned the importance of speaking from your true self to inspire and motivate people, and to drive a business in the way you think is best.

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