Laura Ionita T'15

“Tuck has an incredible support system to help international students integrate and be successful in a new country.”

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Visiting Tuck for the first time was like arriving home. I attended a Corporate Finance course and students cheered when each visiting prospective student introduced themselves. After lunch with the French Tuck students, I learned more about Tuck culture thanks to my hosts Nicolas Lopez T’14 and Justine Modot T’13. After hearing about my interest in the Center for Digital Strategies, Justine (who was an MBA fellow with the Center) introduced me to its coordinators. I left Tuck feeling that people really cared if I applied and ultimately joined the school. The people make the difference here.


Hanover is the best place for international students to immerse themselves in the American college experience. Tuck has an incredible support system to help international students integrate and be successful in a new country: international orientation, tailored recruiting panels, country chats to present your unique culture to the school, international events, international visiting executives, and the MBA Program Office (MBAPO), which is extremely helpful navigating unexpected situations.


Keep in mind that two years fly by. Don’t forget what you want to get out of the MBA experience but stay open to new people and experiences that will enrich your passage through Tuck. Challenge yourself to always think and act like the person you want to become.


If you love skiing, outdoor experiences, and are willing to try ice hockey, you’re in for a treat during your two Tuck years! Going to class in the morning in your ski gear is not unusual since the closest slopes are only 20 minutes away from campus. There are two ice rinks and Occom Pond for Tuck tripod hockey players as well as gyms, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a Tuck CrossFit class we organized at the River Valley Club.


I love how personal Tuck feels. The faculty and the MBAPO know your name and background before you step into the classroom. Not only do they open their professional agendas for us, but also their homes by hosting small group dinners. In addition, all students know and support each other. You’ll leave Tuck with invaluable resources, not the least of which is this lifelong network of mentors and friends.

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