Jennifer Chacon Salas T'24

“I knew coming to Tuck would give me the tools and human capital needed to succeed while also enabling me to stay true to myself.”

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As a first-generation, low-income student from the small Latin country of Costa Rica, I knew that finding the right support system was the key to my success. Tuck is consistently celebrated for its close-knit community which deeply resonated with my personal and professional goals. Since arriving here, I understand why it’s held in such high regard. Tuck has a built-in network of the most passionate and committed alumni, a self-selecting student body that prioritizes relationships, and an engaged faculty and staff that cultivates personal bonds with the students. I knew coming to Tuck would give me the tools and human capital needed to succeed while also enabling me to stay true to myself.

My GIX trip to Kenya stands out as one of the most challenging yet rewarding learning experiences of my time at Tuck.  I was drawn to this trip because it was the only project-based GIX, led by Professor Ramon Lecuona. Being in Kenya turned out to be a rich cultural and professional experience. We met with CEOs, the US ambassador, partners of big firms, and entrepreneurs. We also had the opportunity to help local, socially conscious startups think about their business strategies. In doing this, I traveled to one of the more rural areas of Kenya to interview customers and business partners of the organization. In addition to seeing more of the country, this helped me understand some of the challenges the company faces. It was a heavy lift, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

The academic environment at Tuck is supportive yet rigorous. While I gained extensive knowledge from my professors, I also gained invaluable insights from my classmates. I was constantly encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite courses at Tuck was Leadership in the Global Economy. Partaking in this class allowed me to reconsider my biases and pushed me to find ways to constructively disagree, something I had steered away from in the past. Overall, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth, and can confidently say there is a Jennifer before Tuck and a Jennifer after Tuck.

Despite the stress of recruiting, I never felt lonely while navigating the process thanks to the supportive atmosphere at Tuck. Instead of viewing each other as rivals, everyone seemed to cheer each other on. A memorable example of this camaraderie was when one of my floormates received a call during dinner in which he received an offer for a position he had previously interviewed for. The entire atmosphere erupted with joy as people around us clapped, hugged him, and shouted in celebration. It’s a prime example of the Tuck community and how we all celebrate one another.

What I’ll miss most about Tuck are the people, more specifically my friends and classmates. Over the past two years, I’ve met some of the kindest, most resilient, supportive, and brilliant individuals. The quality of the Tuck community is truly unmatched. Looking back on the amazing friends I’ve made here, I’ll genuinely miss the moments spent with them, the lessons learned, and the authentic kindness they show every day. Don’t get me wrong though, we plan to stay in touch!

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