Francesca Ferrero T'23

“One of the most important lessons I will take with me from Tuck is that passion is the ultimate driver for making things happen.”

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Through the learning experience in classes, active participation in class, and interactions with my classmates, Tuck has helped me deepen my understanding of what it means to be a wise and purposeful leader. I know being decisive demands courage and will not be easy, but I believe Tuck has given me the right tools to figure it out. I feel grateful for having the opportunity to gather so much knowledge in a country and culture significantly different from mine. With this in mind, I plan to use my MBA to give back and help create more opportunities for Peruvians, especially women. Specifically, in the long term I want to put all the lessons I learned into practice in the family business, looking to scale it up and expand its social footprint.   

After almost two years at Tuck, I can say that one of the highlights of my experience has been the people. Tuck students share this special trait that smoothly combines both intellectual and emotional intelligence, making them super smart, kind, and always willing to help at the same time. I will never forget how amazed I was with the genuine excitement of my classmates to learn about Peru, my home country. Almost 50 percent of the class voluntarily signed up to be part of the student-organized Peruvian Trek. I can proudly say that interactions throughout the trip helped everyone meet more Tuckies and deepen existing bonds. 

With the risk of sounding redundant, rooted from the people themselves, the tight-knit community at Tuck is truly unique. During these two immersive years, classmates create a special strong bond, making everyone go above and beyond to invest in others’ success. This is particularly evident during the recruiting season, where second-year students are eager to help first years on navigating this process, even if this entails putting aside many hours for coffee chats, casing, and interview prep.

The sense of belonging developed at Tuck transcends time, reflected in the alumni network’s openness to help and genuine interest in current students’ success. Coming from a different culture, the intense networking dynamics were completely new to me, making me naturally nervous about my adaptation process. That anxiousness was soon drifted away by the incredible help from Tuckies working at a vast number of firms and cities.   

My advice for prospective students would be to remember that there is no right way to experience your MBA at Tuck. Be sure to embrace it as a personal journey and seize the opportunity of pursuing an MBA; it is certainly a privilege. I finally confirmed what worried me at the beginning: two years in an immersive experience at Tuck happened incredible fast, so make the best of them.

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