Ania Aliev T'23

“Tuck is the perfect place for exploration given its size, so there is never a doubt that you can explore new industries and career opportunities.”

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I decided to pursue my MBA because I wanted to make a career change and pivot more into an entrepreneurial path. I felt like the path I was on before was very linear and I would not be able to switch to a more entrepreneurial role without filling out some missing skills. Given that, I thought pursuing an MBA would be the perfect opportunity to fill some of those gaps and make the big change to entrepreneurship. 

I picked Tuck because of the small class size and emphasis on community. I knew I wanted to be a part of a more intimate class and saw the value of that right away. At Tuck, you can participate in almost any activity or club that you want. Additionally, due to the class size, you naturally get to know more of your classmates better as well as many of the professors. Finally, I wanted to be part of a strong community (both with current students and alumni) and that is exactly what I have gotten here. 

There are so many things to get involved with at Tuck, but one of the biggest highlights for me has been my involvement with the Women in Business Club. I was fortunate enough to serve on the board during my first year as a programming and events co-chair and this year currently serve as the club president. I am extremely passionate about the promotion of Women in Business across all sectors and have enjoyed helping facilitate all that the club does for current students and alumni. One of the new initiatives that I implemented for this year was the creation of a newsletter team. The newsletter team focuses on creating an issue (around a certain theme) once a term highlighting female classmates, professors, and alumni. 

I would advise people to think critically about why they want to pursue the MBA and what is most important to them about a program. Additionally, I would encourage people to think about what career paths are most interesting to them before getting to business school, but to not be afraid to explore something new. I feel that Tuck is the perfect place for exploration given its size, so there is never a doubt that you can explore new industries and career opportunities (whether it be through clubs, classes, or chatting with alumni). For example, many of my classmates have experimented with entrepreneurship while at Tuck, but few are starting their careers post-MBA in that industry, so overall, this is a great time to try something new and explore new industries even if it is not where you are planning to start out. 

It is completely normal to have feelings of imposter syndrome. Personally, this is something I had to quickly get over as I am one of the younger members of my class. At first, I felt like others had more experiences to draw from, but I realized that almost everyone’s background was different and we could all learn from each other. Additionally, imposter syndrome can creep in as you think about recruiting and what you would like to do post-MBA. It is important to remember that you are meant to be where you are and it is completely normal to ask tough questions of potential employers.

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