Mikael Clement T'22

“These two years have not only helped transform me as a leader but also as a person.”

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From the first time I stepped foot in Tuck Hall, it was clear that Tuck was a place where I could forge my path to becoming a business leader, but, just as importantly, leave with lifelong friendships. Although I grew up in and have spent most of my life in Canada, I studied for two years at a preparatory school in Wolfeboro, NH. Many relationships with close friends and mentors that are an integral part of my life were forged during my time there. When I first visited Tuck, I immediately felt that same palpable sense of culture and community.

While there are many great large events that bring together the Tuck community, it has been the small encounters that have been the highlight of my experience here. Small group dinners, coffee chats, trips overseas, hikes, and golfing with faculty members are some of the activities that I have cherished and will remember most. They have allowed me to get to know members of Tuck community on a deeper level and foster relationships that will undoubtedly stay with me and continue to grow well beyond my two years at Tuck.

Long before I applied to Tuck, I heard from many that it has a special culture. I was thrilled to discover that the communal spirit at Tuck still managed to exceed my expectations in so many ways: the second-year students are dedicated mentors, your classmates are collaborators, not competitors, and the faculty serves as a tremendous support system that has been there for me every step of the way.

Over my two years at Tuck, every single alumni that I have reached out to has been more than happy to take the time to chat and lend invaluable guidance. Weeknights and weekends in Hanover are spent bonding with the Tuck community, a tight-knit group whose closeness makes it very different from the student experience at other business schools. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this community, in which everyone genuinely invests in each other’s success and personal well-being.

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