Yue Huang T'23

“Tuck has provided me with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to excel in my chosen field.”

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The academic experience and learning environment at Tuck have been exceptional. For instance, as someone without a formal health care background, I found the healthcare-themed courses and activities to be immensely informative and highly applicable to real-world scenarios. The course Structure, Organization, and Economics of the Health Care Industry provided a solid foundation of the U.S. health care industry and was instrumental in preparing me for my summer internship in health care investment banking. It equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the health care industry’s dynamics and intricacies. 

Another remarkable course that expanded my perspective was Investing and Deal Making in Health Care: Practitioners’ Perspectives which was taught by experienced bankers and venture capitalists. Through the use of real-life cases and the sharing of their investing experiences, these industry professionals enriched my understanding of health-care services, medical technology, and pharmaceuticals sectors. 

Moreover, the course Entrepreneurship in Health Care Services and Technology was taught by serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the health care services sector. Insights from them and guest speakers who shared their entrepreneurial journeys offered a unique perspective on the industry’s developments.

These are just a few examples of the exceptional courses and faculty at Tuck. The list goes on. The learning environment at Tuck is characterized by engaged faculty, interactive classroom discussions, and a supportive community that encourages intellectual curiosity and growth. 

One of the standout resources at Tuck that greatly enhanced my experience was the Center for Health Care. As a second-year fellow, I participated in monthly meetings focused on various healthcare-related topics. These sessions covered a wide range of subjects, from the latest developments in blockbuster drugs to the J.P. Morgan health care conference, from career in hospitals to venture capital investing. These meetings provided invaluable insights and served as a wonderful complement to our classroom learning, expanding my understanding of the health care field.

What made these sessions particularly exceptional was the opportunity to interact with industry experts. We had the chance to engage in discussions, ask them questions, and seek their career advice. This direct interaction provided unique perspectives and real-world insights that allowed me to make more informed decisions about my career path.

The intimate location of Tuck has profoundly shaped my Tuck experience, creating an environment that offers unique opportunities and memorable moments. I will deeply miss the tranquility and natural beauty that envelops Tuck and its surroundings.

Tuck sits right by the picturesque Connecticut River, where we kayak and canoe in the summer, fall, and spring. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes and a lot of wildlife. Farms and maple trees are within a short distance from campus where we can taste fresh farm food and meet adorable baby farm animals. During my two winters at Tuck, I learned skiing and snowboarding at the Dartmouth Skiway just half an hour away. 

Away from the city, Tuck’s location nurtures an atmosphere conducive to personal growth, connection, and self-reflection. From the outdoor adventures to the close bonds forged, the peaceful environment and connection with nature have allowed me to pause, reflect, and prepare for the next exciting steps in my journey.

On a chilly spring afternoon, I went to a serene hilltop near campus with a few friends. As the sun gracefully descended, it cast a warm glow over the breathtaking expanse of mountains, including the Killington Peak. Nearby, a pair of bluebirds fluttered in and out of their nestbox, as we chatted and shared laughter. It was during that moment that I realized how fortunate I am to be spending two transformative years in this extraordinary place and to forge lifelong friendships.

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