Whitney Flynn T'16

“The DNA of an educational experience here is totally unique—everyone is completely invested in the community.”

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Why Tuck?

I had the benefit of spending four years in Hanover as a Dartmouth undergraduate and knew that there’s something really special that happens in this setting. The DNA of an educational experience here is totally unique—everyone is completely invested in the community. I knew that would be the setting through which I'd have the strongest community experience with my Tuck classmates and professors and others. For a lot of people, this setting is a big step outside of their comfort zone in a way that creates an open mindset for new experiences. As a Dartmouth alum and outdoor enthusiast, Tuck wasn’t outside of my comfort zone. I was excited to share what this environment has to offer with my peers.

Lessons from Patagonia

I worked for Patagonia for several years right of out college. For me, that was a pivotal, transformational experience: to see that there are a lot of different ways for a company to exist in the business landscape as stewards of environmental and social good, and if you do it well you can be outrageously successful. Patagonia taught me how rewarding it can be to work in an organization where people are so driven by the purpose, not the paycheck or the title. They’re motivated by a sense of doing good, and as we’ve learned here at Tuck, when your organization has a strong culture of purpose, you’re always more successful on core business performance metrics as well.

Traveling to Georgia and Armenia with Tuck

There’s something really special about Georgian culture, where meals are a shared experience. It wasn’t just about finding food or taking a break, it was a chance for us to get to know each other at a level that none of us was expecting. There’s this tradition called “supra” of toasting and people speaking about things important to them. The supra created a setting where every night, the 20 of us were being vulnerable with one another. It was the most intimacy I’ve ever felt with a group of 20 people. I know that those connections will endure. We got together a year later and I knew I could be myself with these people whom I trust completely.

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