Julia Rosenbaum T'18

“Tuck fosters an environment that makes you feel comfortable taking risks and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.”

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I pursued both an MBA from Tuck and a master’s in public administration (MPA) at the Harvard Kennedy School. With a dual degree, I not only got the policy and the nonprofit perspective that comes with an MPA, but I also gained business and management skills with an MBA. Prior to Tuck, I was happily working in the nonprofit space, but I knew I wanted to go back to school to further develop my leadership skills and feel comfortable taking on more projects and leading teams.

I think the private sector has immense resources to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. One of my goals is to figure out how to leverage those resources and market-based solutions to help create a world we all want to live in. The most impact is achieved, in my opinion, when collaboration happens across the private and public sectors, so having the opportunity to speak both languages through the dual-degree program is a huge value-add for what I'd like to do next. 

I feel really fortunate to have been so involved with the Center for Business, Government & Society. One of my favorite parts of my Tuck experience was serving as a fellow with the CBGS. The fellows meet weekly to discuss and debate topics ranging from CEO activism to income equality and tax policy—it's been wonderful to work with people who are also interested in the intersection of business, government, and society. I also enjoyed working on a Tuck Community Consulting project where I got to advise a local nonprofit on their strategic plan and vision. 

One of my favorite parts about Tuck is that it fosters an environment that makes you feel comfortable taking risks and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. That's where I feel real learning happens. I took on an entrepreneurial FYP because it's outside anything I've ever done. I wanted to know what it's like to not just be told what to do, but own the creative process as well. I think real leadership isn't just following the protocol but trying to create your own., I think there's a really important skillset you gain from thinking about where the need really is and how you can thoughtfully meet it in a creative way that's not already being done. 

Though I came to Tuck with a more nontraditional background, I found myself surprisingly comfortable in the finance and accounting classes. I think that's a testament to professors being so accessible and classmates being so supportive in helping to talk through issues. What I've really enjoyed is being surrounded by people who are equally as committed to learning the material. Being a truly curious person, I'm here to learn, and I'm surrounded by similarly motivated people who constantly push me to think in new ways.  

I think what's so remarkable about Tuck is that you're paying it forward in small ways all the time. I've been so humbled by the fact that any Tuck alum I reach out to responds immediately, and so I've tried to pay it forward as well. Whether it’s letting someone borrow notes when they miss class,  taking that extra time to talk about the job search process, or answering responses to prospective Tuckies whenever they reach out—it’s all part of Tuck’s ethos of paying it forward.  

At Tuck, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to interpret data and make decisions off of imperfect information, from a more quantitative perspective. Then, on the interpersonal level, having had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of backgrounds and a diverse range of interests and working together on complex problems—I feel comfortable speaking my mind and leading teams in a way I didn't before coming to school. 

I am leaving Tuck as a more confident leader who is ready to continue pushing myself outside my comfort zone and take on whatever comes next.  I'm leaving with a foundation that will help propel my learning moving forward. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning—the tools Tuck has given me will allow me to continue to grow and learn even though I'll no longer be formally in the classroom. 

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