Steve Janco T'16

“Tuck has not only developed my professional skills, but has allowed me to develop as an individual alongside my family.”

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I was looking for a place after the military where I was going to get a tight-knit community like I was used to on the SEAL teams. Tuck provides that and more: People up here really care about each other. For example, throughout the recruiting process, my classmates’ generosity humbled me. Even with only a finite number of slots available in particular industries, people truly want the best for you. I will never forget how Tuckies work together so that everyone can succeed. At the end of the day, you aren’t just earning a diploma, but a lifelong community.


How can you pass up the chance to spend a couple years in the Upper Valley? My wife and I grew up in New Hampshire and we recognize that the opportunity to raise our two kids in this environment is phenomenal. Personally, my favorite Tuck moments have been little things, like teaching my kids to ski. When I was on the SEAL teams, I was gone all the time, so now I value the chances we get to shut off the world and spend time together. For Tuckies with families, it is an unparalleled experience here.


Coming from an unconventional background, I’ve really enjoyed the growth I’ve had throughout the core. I’ve also learned so much from conversations with my fellow students, visiting executives, and alumni. On the personal side, some of the best times I’ve had with classmates have been at 6:00 a.m. on a cold November day on the Connecticut River in waders, playing Tripod hockey well past midnight at Campion, or at the Dartmouth Skiway. Tuck is probably the only business school in the world where you can be outdoors all morning with your friends before you all make your 8:30 a.m. class.


Whether it’s inside the classroom or out, you’ll work hard and have fun with your classmates. You can leverage what you’ve learned from your own experiences, but you’ll also learn a lot from theirs, too. At Tuck, people genuinely want you to succeed and are happy to do whatever they can to help you. That is so important when you’re transforming yourself so don’t forget to pay it forward. The more you give back, the more you get out of your Tuck experience.

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