Chris White T'15

“People here are always trying to find ways to improve upon what they’ve been given and strengthen it for those to come.”

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One of the first things that attracted me to Tuck was getting to work with Tuckies at my former employment. Everything they talked about was what I wanted out of my business school experience. Beyond that, I was drawn to Tuck for its excellent academics, tight-knit community, and the opportunity to expand and explore other fields.


Hockey, which was something I had never played before, was a big part of my experience at Tuck. It was a great learning experience to take a bunch of type-A people and force them to do something they’re not good at; We had to learn how to work together. I ended up being a captain because I really enjoyed the learning and teaching aspect of it. I also helped plan Winter Carnival, which was a ton of work, but so meaningful to see the impact it had.


I really liked working with the Center for Digital Strategies, which gave me lots of opportunities to meet and interview visiting executives. This year, we also had “digital drop-ins,” a speaker series via Skype with Tuckies and non-Tuckies who are working in technology at large companies and startups in cities like Seattle and San Francisco. That was a cool way to connect with and learn from people outside of the Hanover sphere.


I came to Tuck with mostly consulting experience and switched into technology. That wasn’t something I planned on doing, but I came here wanting to explore and understand what different opportunities were available. A huge part of what enabled me to do that was how open and responsive my classmates and alumni were. There are an endless number of paths through Tuck, but the fact that we all feel connected to the school and to each other guarantees a singular level of support. I feel much more secure going into this new field knowing I will be able to tap into that network.


Embrace the challenge of Tuck and take chances in an environment where there are so many opportunities to learn. Get engaged in a lot of different areas and with a bunch of different people. Tuck is a very unique environment where people put in as much as they take out. People here are always trying to find ways to improve upon what they’ve been given and strengthen it for those to come.

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