Jean Rieuthavorn T'22

“Tuck has transformed me into a braver person.”

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Tuck is a school that is willing to get to know the applicant—an experience I found unique and encouraging. I felt like an underdog in the MBA application process, so I knew I had to find a place where the community would encourage me to thrive and build my confidence. Starting with the admissions team and the professors, and extending to my peers, they have all encouraged me to flourish.

I’ve taken Tuck’s mission to produce wise and decisive leaders who better the world through business to heart. I will always be working on my leadership skills, but I have also become more cognizant about my impact on others in and out of the workplace. My MBA will have immediate use in the short term, enabling me to establish myself in roles in the companies I want to work for. Further out, I plan to use my MBA as a source of confidence to contribute what I do know and ask questions when I don’t know.

There are so many highlights from my time at Tuck: small group dinners, living in Sachem with my Tuck Partner (TP), the spring break ski trip in France, Literati events at Still North, attending a Tuck wedding in Mexico, and the first day of second-year spring term, experiencing a full and maskless classroom for the first time.

I am extremely grateful for the Center for Digital Strategies. I owe a lot of my tech-related learnings and growth to Patrick Wheeler at CDS. Having the platform of the Tech Club and the support of my co-chairs also enabled me to bring novel resources to Tuck, including a product management workshop, an AdTech learning session, and job search small groups for just-in-time/targeted job seekers.

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