Mollie Naber T'16

“I’ve learned that I can accomplish anything when I’m driven by passion.”

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Why Tuck?

I was pregnant and at an MBA career fair in Belgium where a recruiter overheard me talking about what I wanted—a small community where you can be outdoors; a place where people take care of their neighbors, the opportunity to explore public policy issues. The recruiter recommended Tuck, which hadn't been my radar. My husband matched at Dartmouth for residency; I was waitlisted and enrolled at Tuck the following year. This extra time gave me a chance to enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the Upper Valley with my newborn while clarifying my career goals through consulting work.

Lessons Learned

The professor who taught me the most is actually the professor whose class I missed taking, Peter Fisher. I'll never forget the points he shared with me through our interactions: “Question your null hypothesis.” “You can question someone's judgment but not their motives.” “Politics is a war of objectives.” “Do you want that job in your gut?” Also of note: Emily Blanchard’s Research-to-Practice Seminar, Firms and Trade Policy, changed my professional trajectory. By analyzing data, diving into gray areas, and considering the long-term implications of policies, I have a better sense of where community and economic development can, and cannot, move the needle in our country. In addition to inspiring me intellectually, Emily is a role model: she’s found her own formula for navigating career and family. I’m working on doing the same.

A Memorable Moment

I gave a Tuck Talk just recently about my journey as a professional wife and mother, and different ways I’ve learned to manage my life. I opened up more than I ever have. A lot of classmates came up to me and said things like, “Moments like this make me proud to be at Tuck!” It was great to celebrate my story at the end of this journey at Tuck.

Becoming the Difference

I now know how to solve big problems by breaking them into small problems, staying organized, communicating effectively and working in teams. I'm so excited to apply my skills to tackling community and economic development challenges, starting with affordable housing in the Bay Area.

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