Raphael Bonacci T'15

“Tuck completely changed my perception of the world and helped me redraw the limits of what I thought was possible.”

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I really liked the general management approach to education. For someone like me who had an academic background in economics and started a career in investment banking in London, it was important to get a more interdisciplinary approach to business. Learning how to take a step back, see the bigger picture, formulate a hypothesis, and figure out what information I would need to make a decision has been such an important skill I developed here.


During first-year recruiting, I mentioned to the Career Development Office that I was looking for an internship that was a little outside of the box. When I had my appointment, I was surprised to see six people sitting around the table. I thought that was awesome: They had pooled all their resources to help me come up with ideas. Thanks to their help as well as interactions with the Center for Business & Society and professors at Tuck, I ended up working on one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial journeys in the Middle East. I’m so immensely grateful for Tuck’s personalized approach.


One of the things that’s so typical of Tuck is how first-years, second-years, internationals, Americans, Tuck Partners, exchange students—everybody—really mixes. Whether it’s at a small group dinner, volleyball tournament, discussion in the classroom, or while we’re just having a drink at Murphy’s, Tuckies actively seek that strong sense of community and to get to know their classmates. I was so impressed with the range of backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations that my fellow classmates have and how willing they were to learn about mine, too.


You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do when you arrive at Tuck, but it’s really helpful to think of a few themes you want to pursue. It gets hectic really quickly so it’s good to put some thought into where you want to go beforehand. I had a few themes I wanted to build on, like broadening my general management perspective and globalizing my education. I also wanted to explore the world from different perspectives and build bridges across cultures. Having all that in mind helped me make the most of all the opportunities I came across at Tuck.


I’ve learned so much over the last two years, everything from leadership and strategy to getting my point of view across and defending it to the best of my ability. In addition to Tuck’s faculty, staff, and students, I’ve also connected with many Tuck alumni and have gained the benefit of their wisdom, too. I feel really supported and better prepared than I ever could have imagined for the challenges I’ll face after Tuck.

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