D’Najah Picou T'24

“I had never lived away from home before coming to Tuck, so feeling like I had a family here made all the difference.”

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A highlight of my Tuck experience was planning Tuck Black Ski. As part of this program, the Tuck Black Student Association brought together more than 300 MBA students from across the country to partake in a weekend filled with fun, skiing, and leadership development opportunities. This year, we went to Park City, UT! It was rewarding to coordinate a successful event of this caliber, and it made me grateful to be at a school that celebrates diversity and initiative. 

My Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) trip to Kenya with Professor Ramon Lecuona Torras was undoubtedly the best trip I’ve been on. It was my first time visiting East Africa, and the opportunity to make a difference in the local community during my brief stay was invaluable. Since it was a project-based GIX, our group of 25 individuals was divided into five teams of five. Each team was assigned to collaborate with different startups, assisting with any challenges they faced. My group worked with Craydel, an education startup working to make the study abroad process more accessible and transparent for high school students. We were tasked with interviewing key stakeholders to gather insights into their experiences with Craydel and the overall process. We then presented our findings to the startup. Additionally, we dedicated a day to providing feedback on various startup pitches, leveraging knowledge gained from our ecosystems strategy class.

I found Tuck’s alumni network and database to be invaluable. One of my goals when coming to Tuck was to learn more about private equity and engage in a project within that space. When I verbalized this goal, I was met with overwhelming support and was encouraged to self-source a first-year project. Teaming up with a classmate, we combed through Tuck’s alumni network and reached out to numerous alumni. Through at least 15-20 engaging conversations, we established partnerships with the individuals we eventually collaborated with, notably Steven Drake T’19.

At Tuck, the close-knit community offers numerous opportunities for students to foster close relationships with one another. Among these, Tuck’s small group dinners are my favorite. Being welcomed into the homes of my classmates and witnessing firsthand how they live and they host has been an unparalleled experience. I had never lived away from home before coming to Tuck, so feeling like I had a family here made all the difference.

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