Mayur Kasetty T'16

“Post-Tuck, there are so many options and I’m looking forward to exploring them.”

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I’m in the MD-MBA program. Since I was already at Dartmouth, I had a couple years to really visit Tuck, meet a lot of people here, and develop relationships. Even though I had no real-world experience in business or even medicine, everyone at Tuck was so friendly and helpful. I knew that Tuck was the place I needed to be to grow and develop in the best way possible.


At Tuck, everybody is so involved and pulling you into things and including you. There’s so much going on, in fact, that my advice is not to be afraid that you’re missing out sometimes. No one can do everything so don’t get overwhelmed. Just stay engaged and don’t be afraid to reach out to your classmates. They are the best resources for so many different things.


Tuck hockey has been one of my favorite experiences here. Traveling with the Tripod All-Star team to Philadelphia to play at a tournament at Wharton was fun, especially the chance to bond with my classmates as well as with our peers at other schools. While we were playing, someone on the ice dislocated their shoulder. I was able to put it back in, which I still laugh about as the perfect merging of both my medical and business school experiences!


With the changing reimbursement landscape, health care is going to need good financiers, so I’m strongly considering not practicing medicine after school. I’m excited to see how my banking internship this summer goes and what opportunities arise from it. Post-Tuck, there are so many options and I’m looking forward to exploring them.

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