Ying Li T'16

“I came to Tuck for a career transition into something completely different from my background. Tuck has helped me in every way I could imagine…”

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Why Tuck?

It started because I’m a big fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” and the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, went to Dartmouth, so when I was looking for grad schools and found Tuck, I wanted to check it out. Then I talked to some alums who were all helpful and inspired me. Plus, it’s beautiful here, the people as well as the community.

A Path to the Future

I participated in Tuck’s Silicon Valley Boot Camp, and was exposed to all these cool companies and high-tech innovations. I thought, that's the industry where I want to work. I got lots of help to land an internship with HP, where we worked on how to set the right strategy for a new product, and now I will be joining the company full-time. All that Tuck love made a difference.

An Outward Focus

I’m from Beijing, and the legacy of the single child policy is that a lot of us are self-centered. At Tuck, I lived with four other girls, which gave me meaningful connections, and helped me grow personally. I also was exposed to a lot of social work, and am more sensitive to what is happening around us, and how to give back to society.

My Tuck Transformation

Year one, I thought, all my classmates are so smart, and successful in their past experiences. I needed to catch up, I worked hard, and talking to Jonathan Masland, director of the Career Development Office, made me feel I belonged. I feel I’ve grown into a more confident woman in international business who can and will make a difference.  

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