Monique Alves T'17

“The small study groups, the teamwork, the feedback loops, the community—you learn to collaborate head on in a warm, welcoming way.”

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Why Tuck?

I was born and raised in New York City where everything is go, go, go, so the small size and location of Tuck, and the time to focus on being a student here was instrumental. Plus, I went to a reception and information session with Jacques-Philippe Piverger T'07, and his openness and willingness to share his personal experience was invaluable. 

A Changing Course

I thought a Tuck MBA would only prepare me for the traditional functions and careers in banking or consulting. The elective Entrepreneurial Thinking showed me alternative entrepreneurial careers. The course spoke to my personal interest in technology and disruption and how innovators turn their ideas into reality. Now I'm looking at technology entrepreneurship. I made my dream bigger. 

Open Community

Professor Ella Bell's Personal Leadership course showcased how work environments are moving from a top-down management environment to a buy-in environment. She pushed me to think about myself in a holistic way as a person, employee, and future manager.  Professor Bell also opened her office and home for any chats or dinner. She’s an example of the thought-provoking instruction and open community Tuck provides.  

Personal Lessons

I've learned to be more empathetic to other people's perspectives, and to see more clearly my own contributions. Before, my perception was that I dominated conversations. In fact, I learned I need to contribute more; to have a strong voice and ensure people stop and hear me. 

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