Eduardo Abby T'17

“Tuck made me aware of how powerful the combination of good education and high motivation can be.”

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Why Tuck?

When I came to visit, I left my suit on the Dartmouth Coach and I had an interview the next morning. Tiago Fauth T’16 was kind enough to lend me his suit for the day. I was also impressed when I visited a professor’s class, and I saw him later in the afternoon and he remembered my name. That’s when I knew I wanted to spend two years of my life here. As I come from a different country, I thought it would be very important for me to have a close relationship with faculty and classmates. Here, you know everyone by name and people connect much more with each other. It’s a different MBA experience than other schools.

My Favorite Course

I loved Global Economics for Managers with professor Emily Blanchard. It gave me the basis to start understanding political policies and what to expect when big events happen. I got fascinated with how political attitudes shape what happens in countries and we are experiencing turmoil now in my home country of Brazil. GEM gave me the ability to critically analyze what’s going on, and what we should we expect.

On The Field

I was advised to choose one extracurricular activity that I wouldn’t give up. I chose soccer, which I have played since I was a kid. It’s been an escape valve, and great for getting to know people I otherwise wouldn’t have. We play an MBA World Cup tournament, and indoor games every Tuesday night. I don’t consider myself a very social person, and I’m trying to work on that. So this gave me a comfortable place to leave my comfort zone.

After Tuck

I’m trained as a medical doctor, and after Tuck I want to stay related to health care. I’m starting a business to provide health care to people who can’t afford health insurance or have lost their coverage—it’s called a “popular clinic.” With the crisis in Brazil, lots of people are in that position, and private practice is too expensive. These clinics are interesting because you can make money and also help people. This is what I want to try do in my life: to manage creating impact and having a successful business. 

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