Jasper L. Wright T'15

“Tuck teaches you structured approaches to tackling lots of different types of problems as well as the importance of relationships.”

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I grew up, went to high school and college, and worked in New York City so I wanted a complete change of scenery. Plus, when I came to visit, I felt a real sense of community here. Everyone knows and cares about everyone—you can’t walk down the halls without someone saying hello. I really like the small-town, small-campus feel of Tuck.


The South Africa GIX was my first time in Africa and it was so fun to visit with Professor Phil Stocken. Not only did Professor Stocken’s childhood friend, who is now a ranger in one of the parks, show us around a game reserve, but we also went to his sister’s house for dinner. Professor Stocken shared more with us than just his business experiences visiting companies—we also got to see a personal side of a faculty member, a view that I don’t think students at bigger business schools get to experience.


I really enjoyed Dean Matthew Slaughter’s course, Leadership in the Global Economy, because he talks about global macroeconomic and societal trends with an emphasis on the opportunities for Tuck students to have a positive impact on the world. For example, a lot of students coming out of Tuck will be in the top 10 percent of the earners in the country. Dean Slaughter presented this information in the context of thinking about the responsibilities we have to others and to making the world a better place. I found that very inspirational.


When you come to Tuck, you truly can make it the experience you want. I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do both in and out of the classroom, and I was able to do every single one of them. Along the way, I made lifelong friends and felt my genuine connection to Tuck and its community deepen even further.

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