Elliot Gillerman T'15

“Tuck’s location, student body,
and culture all blend together
to create an incredibly supportive learning environment.”

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After living in Washington for almost a decade, I was eager to return to New England for graduate school. I knew this time would be an opportunity to focus intensely on my personal and professional development. In order to achieve those goals, I wanted a small campus, a tight-knit community, and a supportive learning environment. Tuck has been all those things and more.


From my first visit to Tuck, I could tell that the campus environment was totally unique. The school’s location, student body, and culture all blend together to create an incredibly supportive learning environment. One memorable example of this came during my first-year fall term. After not doing well on my  statistics midterm, I received a note from Professor Scott Neslin to come see him during office hours. He spent over an hour reviewing the exam with me, and on the weekend before the final, he spent Saturday and Sunday holding open office hours for students who needed help. That type of personalized attention to learning is what makes Tuck such a special place.


Find the one or two areas you’re most passionate about and take a deep-dive into them. At Tuck you’ll find a strong community of classmates, professors, and staff who share your interests and can support your learning process in lots of different ways. In your spare time, don’t forget to enjoy all that the Upper Valley has to offer: hiking, skiing, and any other outdoor activity you can imagine!


Coming from the public sector, I wanted my graduate school experience to equip me with a combination of rigorous business skills and a deeper understanding of public policy issues. Tuck has given me great insight into markets, business cycles, and economic trends, and HKS has helped me apply that knowledge to the public policy arena. Over the long term, my goal is to blend these two degree programs into a career making an impact across both the public and private sectors.

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