Kate Bayeux T'23

“Tuck gives you the tools you need to make a difference and then helps you to execute.”

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Tuck gives you the tools you need to make a difference and then helps you to execute. For me this meant turning a conversation I had with classmates about climate change’s pervasive impacts, into an Earth Week event that brought this issue to the forefront of conversations at Tuck. We were able to leverage our resources at the Revers Center while also reaching out to other club chairs about putting together one-pagers on how climate change impacts their sectors. Through these channels we were able to engage a larger audience and learn from one another about how one issue can manifest in drastically different ways depending on the industry. 

Although the investment banking recruitment process can be demanding, the entire Tuck finance community is willing to support you through the process. This means one-on-one coffee chats with second-years as you craft your “why banking” story as well as study sessions late into the night with your fellow first-year classmates as you learn how to walk through a DCF. It also means frequent visits to our career services adviser Deirdre O’Donnell’s office to talk about everything and anything recruitment related, including frequent check-ins. And once all the prep is done, the community also celebrates the successes of all its members. Rather than being cutthroat, we are collaborative, and work as a team to ensure the success of our classmates. The incredible Tuck network starts here, in the recruitment process.

As a career switcher interested in pivoting into the energy industry with no prior experience, I relied heavily on programming with the Revers Center for Energy, Sustainability and Innovation. During my first year at Tuck, I learned everything I could through the weekly Power-Up Thursday lunch-and-learn sessions, participation in case competitions as well as through course offerings. As a second-year student, I took on leadership opportunities that allowed me to continue learning about the industry while also giving back to the broader community. Having the opportunity to attend COP27 was incredibly enlightening and allowed me to broaden my viewpoint on climate change to include a diversity of perspectives. Several of these perspectives came directly from those who are most impacted by climate change. I believe that these experiences together prepared me to be a better and more well-rounded leader in the space.

Tuck’s tight-knit community allowed me the opportunity to be vulnerable with my classmates from day one. During Tuck Launch we were assigned a River of Life Partner to share our life story with—everything that we think made us into the person we are today: the good, the bad and the pivotal. When I shared my story with my partner, we were both blown away by how many similarities we shared, despite growing up on opposite sides of the country. I once again was given the opportunity to be vulnerable with my classmates when I delivered a Tuck Talk, providing intimate details of my life experiences with all 300 of my classmates in attendance. I cannot imagine having the strength to be vulnerable in any other environment and I am so thankful Tuck’s community provided me with this incredible opportunity. These events strengthen the Tuck fabric and allow us to form unparalleled connections, inviting others to also be vulnerable, thus creating a cycle of support.

Saying no to some things is a way of saying yes to others. While it’s true that you get out of Tuck what you put into it, sometimes the best way to get the most out of your experience is to choose fewer activities but excel at those few. Tuck is incredible because there are so many different paths to pursue and organizations to be a part of. But over my two years at Tuck I have found that by focusing on a smaller number of activities I have been able to truly help shape their trajectory and leave my mark on Tuck. You also don’t need to be a member of every club in order to interact with your classmates—some of the most meaningful interactions happen over a cup of coffee at Joe’s.

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