Nicole Burns T'17

“I will use my Tuck degree to stand up as a leader for change.”

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I came to Tuck with a passion for social impact consulting. I wanted to see if pursuing an internship in management consulting would be the first best step for me to enter this very niche market of social impact work. I realized after going through the recruiting process that I actually had other passions. I fell in love with technology and wound up getting an internship at Google working on payments which worked really well with my background in finance.

Although I was going into tech, I found different avenues at Tuck that allowed me to explore my passion for social impact. Tuck has a strong partnership with an education reform program at Columbia Law. I spent an entire semester away at Columbia in a program called Managing Transformation and Change in K-12 Education Reform. I had the opportunity to dive deeply into the history of the U.S. education system, as well as consult for a charter school and help determine a post-secondary support model for its students. Additionally, I serve as a board fellow for a nonprofit in Hanover called Positive Tracks. I love the opportunities that Tuck has for students to really explore all of their passions—whether it’s the first thing they’re going to pursue directly out of Tuck or something they’re thinking about long term.

I will use my Tuck degree to stand up as a leader for change. I will work to understand how technology can provide payment solutions for people of all socio-economic backgrounds around the world and how technology can support closing education achievement gaps for U.S. minority children. Everything I do in my life, both personally and professionally, will be aligned with the causes I believe in.

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