Kakeru Tsubota T'23

“The Tuck community shares a fundamental belief in celebrating others’ success and empowering them to pursue bold visions.”

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On one hand, I wanted to refine my skills to prepare me to manage a team of diverse perspectives and backgrounds before I landed a career in the U.S. The truth is that, on the other hand, I had long dreamed of the journey of spending time with the world’s sharpest minds. The ten years I had spent wishing for it made me appreciate even more the value of spending two years at Tuck.

As I will soon be working for a Tuck alumnus, Zach Hogan T’14, I am confident that I will have opportunities to practice the wise, decisive leadership that Tuck has prepared me with. I aspire to serve as an active alumni member to give back to the community. The problem is that I have too many role models, including Ace Suzuki T’00, Steven Tseng T’01, and Akiko Maeda T’02, who continue to spend significant time with Tuck and provide integral mentorship support to current students.

Building camaraderie with like-minded classmates at International Orientation; pitching my platform at the Student Board election; and sharing my personal stories at Tuck Talks. These opportunities to learn about unheard voices and advocate for them led to the belief that everyone at Tuck has something to teach the community. In March 2023, I founded ExperTuck Peer Learning Theaters with four other mindful and thoughtful students who shared in this belief. As soon as we saw 19 students and partners step forward to share their expertise with the entire community, we became confident the event would become an annual tradition at Tuck.

It’s the alumni network. The 200+ alumni I reached out to during my two years at Tuck all left me feeling like they were genuinely excited to offer a helping hand. In the Tuck network, I have already found a few lifelong mentors. Tuck alumni helped me land my dream job. Quite a few alumni also encouraged me to take on a leadership role at the Tuck Club of Japan.

I would never forget the nerve-wracking feeling on the Tuck Talks stage in the fall term of the first year. I was unsure how the packed audience would react to my personal story. It turned out that I received countless hand-written message cards, texts, emails, and in-person encouragements, which all showed how much the community cared about my story that evening. It was the first night of many when I felt the community had all ears to what I had to tell.

Walking into classmates everywhere you go. Murphy’s: the unofficial Tuck bar. People forgetting how to lock their units because they have never done so.

Hanover has become my second home. As a father of three kids, I am beyond grateful for the inviting community. Quoting my wife who has never spent time in a distant location so far from home; “Tuck has been extremely welcoming to the partners and families. Hanover is the first and only location where I felt like I could be my genuine self, outside of my hometown.”

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