David Katzman T'15

“Tuck’s comprehensive approach to the MBA experience has enabled me to grow, both personally and professionally, beyond even my highest expectations.”

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Attending the Tuck Business Bridge program in 2009 was my first opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere that is Tuck. Having just graduated from Tufts University with a degree in computer engineering and economics, I was looking to fine-tune my business skills before entering the workforce full time at Deloitte Consulting. Needless to say, I had a tremendous experience and found myself in love with Tuck. The skills and capabilities I developed during the Bridge program had an immediate impact on my career. During my first project at Deloitte, I was the only analyst selected for a leadership role, which was critical in helping me begin to build my personal brand.


My experience with the Business Bridge program had a lot to do with putting Tuck at the top of my list when considering where to pursue an MBA. Even though I am someone who loves the city, the idea of spending two years in Hanover and the Upper Valley was very appealing to me—sometimes it is nice to get away from all the additional distractions in order to really focus on learning and personal growth. Tuck’s strong reputation for developing well-rounded leaders certainly did not hurt either. Ultimately, it was the people and broader community at Tuck that made my decision a very easy one. I truly believe Tuck stands in a class by itself in that regard.


While Tuck’s strong community is widely known and embraced, I was still surprised at how this extended beyond the student body to all the faculty and staff. This manifested itself each and every day. Whether it be great conversations over dinner, stopping me randomly in the hall to check in, or really going the extra mile to help me with a project, it is clear that people at Tuck truly care about each other.


I came to Tuck with a clear career progression in mind. I was going to return to Deloitte Consulting with a Tuck MBA and work to position myself toward a senior leadership role, either at the firm or potentially a startup. Much to my surprise, a unique opportunity came earlier than I anticipated, and I will be joining Onshape, a technology startup based just outside of Boston. I loved my time at Deloitte, however, Onshape presents the opportunity to help grow an early-stage technology company. I am not sure that I would have had the confidence to make the switch if it were not for the personal and academic growth that Tuck enabled me to achieve.


We should never stop seeking out and trying as many new experiences as we can. This is how we continue to grow and learn to become not only better business leaders, but also better people. Tuck provides every member of its community with access to a wide variety of new experiences, as well as the rigorous education and support needed to take advantage of them. This extends to every component of the Tuck experience, and is what I would consider Tuck’s “special sauce”—not something that is easy for someone to put their finger on, but it is there, and it makes all the difference. No matter your background coming into Tuck, the Tuck MBA is not just a degree from a top business school, it is truly an experience, and a life-changing one at that. As I step away from an amazing two years at Tuck and continue my professional career, I take with me a deeper appreciation for personal growth, lifelong friendships, and a well-rounded education.

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