Jamie Mittelman T'19

“Tuck surrounded me with classmates and faculty who have made me smarter, more resilient, and empathetic.”

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Many of the skills I have learned have allowed me to develop meaningful professional relationships that I will continue to foster after graduation. The past two semesters alone I have worked directly with the World Economic Forum; first as a consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now as a case writer. I look forward to remaining in touch with the Forum and (hopefully!) supporting them in the presentation of our teaching case. My relationship with the Forum is fully attributable to Tuck’s ability to form partnerships and create experiential learning opportunities with influential partner organizations.

Tuck taught me how to find and create joy during the hardest time in my life. My Dad passed away of incurable brain cancer the summer before I started Tuck. This past summer my siblings and I thought we were going to lose my Mom but saw her miraculously come back to life at the hands of emergency room surgeons and critical care teams. Tuck’s focus on reflection, our remote location, and our close-knit community have not only buoyed me through these difficult times but allowed me to find greater clarity around who I am as a leader. I share this because I want prospective students to understand how uniquely personal Tuck is in the larger MBA-landscape and how three attributes—our program’s focus on reflection, remote location, and commitment to community—were essential in not only my decision to come to Tuck, but also my ability to thrive while here.  

Tuck’s focus on reflection in and out of the classroom has given me the time to determine how I want to live each and every day. While the social calendar is always chalk full of incredible events, due to my personal situation, I have learned how to find happiness in the unexpected, and to create my own happiness when I can’t seem to find it around me. After five years of living in NYC, I was eager to soak up the woods, as I realized that I am happiest outside. Our proximity to countless mountains and lakes has facilitated every type of outdoor activity possible.

Tuck surrounded me with classmates and faculty who have made me smarter, more resilient, and empathetic. Tuck’s commitment to community is truly special on its own, but even more so within the world of top MBA programs. Every MBA graduate knows how to read a balance sheet, assess a company’s liquidity, or bring a product to market. What makes Tuck unique and what has allowed me to thrive is our program’s ability to turn 290 individuals into a team.


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