Franco Coria T'21

“I wanted to spend two years surrounded by 500 people from very different backgrounds to learn from them and become a better version of myself.”

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On a professional level, I wanted to pursue an MBA to explore new career paths and pivot industries. I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do, but having worked in only one industry and company for so long (10 years), I knew I needed an MBA to make the switch. I was also looking for a big challenge: something that pushed me mentally (and physically!), forcing me to step outside my comfort zone. Additionally, my wife Sol is a fashion designer, and it has always been our dream to live in New York, so I wanted to explore career paths there.

On a personal level, I believe diversity unlocks innovation, compassion, and empathy, and I wanted to spend two years surrounded by 500 people from very different backgrounds to become a better version of myself, and a better leader.

Within one hour of arriving to campus for the first time, I knew Tuck was the right place for me. From a career standpoint, most top programs open very similar doors, so my decision was based entirely on people and how I felt during my interactions with the Tuck community. I have a “people first” mentality and I base most of my decisions around that motto, and Tuck was no different. And on top of that, the school is situated in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!

The people are what make the Tuck community distinct from other business schools. It is a collaborative, intimate environment with a real sense of community, and everybody is willing to help anyone at any time. At the risk of sounding repetitive, in challenging times the support from a community like Tuck made a huge difference. 

This is a magic place. We were fortunate enough to enjoy all four seasons in Hanover and each season has something unique to offer. From hikes, soccer, and lake swimming in spring and summer, to the beautiful fall foliage during fall, to the amazing experience of being able to ski every day. My wife learned how to ski the first year and spent over 30 days on the slopes during our second winter. We have the most beautiful memories from our Hanover winters.

In addition to what you will hear from other Tuckies, I offer two very simple but powerful pieces of advice. First, “Gut feeling” weights a lot; do not ignore it. Second, people first, then the rest.

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