Lauren Fallon T'19

“I feel fundamentally changed by Tuck. The academics have been rigorous, the clubs rewarding, and my peers fantastic.”

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I decided to get an MBA because I knew something was fundamentally missing. I had a science background and always loved health care, but I knew my lack of a tangible business skillset would ultimately hold me back from being truly successful in my career. I worked in sales and consulting prior to Tuck, and while they were valuable experiences, it became obvious that something additional was needed. Tuck was on the top of my list because I had worked with Tuck alumni and a good friend of mine from high school was a Tuck alum. They always raved about the school and how much they enjoyed their two years there. After coming to campus and interviewing, I was sold.

The most impactful courses for me at Tuck were The CEO experience and Corporate Responsibility. Both of these courses focus on how you should evaluate difficult business decisions, while considering your role as an ethical business leader. They challenged me to think about business problems not only as an individual but as someone who is influencing an organization. Capital Markets with Professor Ing-Haw Cheng and Managerial Accounting with Professor Joseph Gerakos were also amazing, and drove home the importance of critical quantitative concepts. As someone who will be moving into financial services, these are both critical classes that were taught by two excellent professors.

The First-Year Project was a fantastic experience. My project allowed me to engage directly with a major metropolitan hospital system with the goal of developing strategy for improvement of a specific satellite office. The client received tangible results from the project and it helped them address a true real world issue. I was able to work with a team of interesting individuals from my class that prior to the project I did not know well and all of whom were very interested in health care. Our adviser was Professor Joe Hall, whose expertise in operations is unmatched. The project, team and adviser all combined to make the First Year Project an amazing experience.
For me, the most defining moment of my Tuck experience was going to Israel for my GIX. The theme of the GIX was startups, technology, and how Israel, a country that has been in conflict for decades, has the most tech startups in the world. I knew nothing about startups and Israel, and learning about the businesses and how they flourish was fascinating. The history of Israel is one that I was not all that familiar with, and being exposed to the Middle East was an incredible opportunity. It opened my eyes to a completely different culture, a way of doing business, and group of people, and was just an unforgettable experience.

Tuck is a place where you truly feel the community and make lifelong friends—something that I think is entirely unique to Tuck. I think most people like their business school experience, but I can say with confidence that the close-knit community is one that you will not find anywhere else. The academics, extracurriculars, and faculty are all incredible, but the student body is something that truly stands out in my mind. The diversity of background and thought, supportive nature, and driven attitude of my peers is impressive, and getting to know them has been my favorite part of this experience.

I’m headed to Harris Williams to work in technology and health care IT investment banking. I feel fundamentally changed by Tuck. This school has not only provided me with the expected skillset necessary for transitioning into a financial services role (and the opportunity to make this transition), but it has also broadened my horizons in the way I view the world. The academics have been rigorous, the clubs rewarding, and my peers fantastic. The best part of Tuck for me has been the community, and that is something I look forward to maintaining and contributing to in the future.

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