Jared Pomerance T'16

“Everyone is so intertwined. When I walk through the tunnels, it's not just peers that stop to say hi and have a real conversation, but…”

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Why Tuck?

Getting to be a student here, I feel like I stole something; there’s this opportunity to learn in such a tight-knit, intentional way from classmates who have so much industry and life experience.

A Meaningful Moment

Hosting Errik Anderson (T'07) as a visiting executive, and again as a panelist on the Student Advisory Board's philanthropy panel, was phenomenal. I’ve been fortunate to get to know him a bit since, outside these events, as well. He has founded six companies, prioritizes his family, and still makes the time to engage deeply with students and the Tuck community.

Faculty Shoutout

Late in second year, I was in Stell Hall working on a job search in investment banking, a field in which MBAs aren't necessarily valued. Professor Peter Fisher, Senior Director of the BlackRock Investment Institute, tapped me on the shoulder and invited me to stop by his office. “You're going to get this,” he told me when I got there. He could see I needed a pep talk. He's not only a great teacher, but something of a mentor.

Out of the Classroom

I was fortunate to play on Tuck’s A hockey team, which was a great way to be part of a tight-knit group and get those hyper-competitive juices flowing. However, the most fun I had was in Mini League, in which the teams are a mix of all Tuck players from every league and level, and my goal was often to try to assist people’s first goal ever. It was just such a fun experience for someone who has grown up loving the game.

My Tuck Transformation

I've learned just how intense I am, even for a type-A MBA student. You build close, real relationships here, so you're constantly getting real feedback delivered well. It's made me much more self-aware, which has helped me learn how to marry my intentions with my actions.

10 Years from Now

I hope to be an investor, but exactly where and how is hard to say. I do know that I’d love to be philanthropically involved regardless, particularly in addressing issues of inequality, something about which I’ve always been passionate. That is something I feel I can't not do.

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