James Goff T'16

“That’s a great thing about Tuck:
there are so many opportunities for leadership experience.”

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I really wanted to spend two years focusing on my personal and professional development and Tuck just ticked all the boxes that I wanted. Away from the distractions of a big city, I knew I would have access to fantastic career opportunities available here and an incredible level of teaching and camaraderie.


Switching careers has been a pain-free and relatively easy process thanks to Tuck. The personal attention you get here is outstanding, especially the amount of one-on-one time and support you get from the Career Development Office experts as well as alumni and classmates.


One of my favorite things about Tuck is being part of the Rugby Club and competing in the MBA Rugby World Cup down in Virginia was one of my year’s highlights. Returning to Tuck a little bruised was a small price to pay for the great weekend spent with this awesome group of guys. The Rugby Club’s ‘secret sauce’ is our level of teamwork and inclusivity—our biggest try scorer was a guy who had never played before. I am so excited to have been elected captain and I’m looking forward to developing the club further next year. That’s a great thing about Tuck: there are so many opportunities for leadership experience.


My favorite course at Tuck has been Leadership in the Global Economy with Dean Matthew Slaughter. The course itself is incredibly interesting and enables debate on many tough issues facing the United States and other parts of the world. In addition to being an amazing teacher, Dean Slaughter’s real-world presidential economic advisory experience makes the class both enjoyable and invigorating.


Tuck is really hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Embrace it all while you’re here while also making the decision to give back as much as you take. Also, never underestimate the importance of learning from your classmates, who are as friendly and supportive as they are accomplished. Work hard, have fun, make loads of friends, and enjoy the entire experience.

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