Alex Brewer T'16

“It’s humbling to be surrounded by such talented leaders—people who want to learn as much from me as I want to learn from them.”

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I love music and have played drums since I was eleven or twelve, so when I came to Admitted Students Weekend and saw the band playing, and how supportive the Tuck community is, I knew it was for me. I played drums at the next two annual Admitted Students Weekends. It feels good knowing that I have helped show prospective students one of the many reasons that made me feel that connection to Tuck.


I was assigned to go out and have a deep conversation with a classmate, and then give a two-minute narrative to the class about that person. My background couldn’t have been more different than my partner’s so we had a lot to learn from each other. I’m not a very emotional person but when she told the class my story—my love of music and family—I felt it in my heart. Because of one assignment, a lifelong friendship had developed.


Professor Kusum Ailawadi introduced marketing principles and a framework that gave me a new way of evaluating how products are brought to market, and how to navigate and negotiate with channel partners effectively. What sets her apart is how she breaks down the complexities that can sometimes go with managing multiple evolving marketing channels so students learn to develop optimal strategies for managing the marketing channel.

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