Andrew Allison T'15

“I am living proof that Tuck
really can deliver on this

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I lived in New York City for four years prior to Tuck. When looking at potential business schools to attend, I wanted to go somewhere I’d be surrounded by classmates without the constant distractions of a big city. If I wanted to truly transform myself, I knew I’d need a fully immersive experience which few schools could offer, Tuck being one of them.


Take risks while you’re here. It’s hard to step outside of your comfort zone, but Tuck is a really safe environment to explore. Think about everything you’re passionate about but haven’t been able to cultivate in your life so far, then decide how you can explore that while you’re here. Even if you fail—and if you never fail, that means you’re not taking enough chances—Tuck is a great place to try.


Tuck's intimate atmosphere has provided me an incredible opportunity to access and connect with thought leaders in every field I've been interested in. I would be remiss to not mention how big of an impact Suzie Rubin, executive director of the Healthcare Initiative, has made on my personal transformation into the health care industry through her mentorship. It's people like her who make Tuck a truly special place.

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