Ayobami Olufadeji T'16

“People at Tuck understand that your journey is personal and are willing to help.”

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Why Tuck?

When I came to med school at Dartmouth, I wasn’t thinking I was going to go to business school. I realized that we weren’t really going to learn anything about improving access to care for people and that’s what I want to do in Nigeria. So I searched for the program that would best supplement my MD. After speaking with some people at Tuck and taking some electives here, I realized Tuck would give me the best analytical and strategic skills I needed to achieve my dream.

Out of the Classroom

Because I really wanted to go to medical school, I didn’t play any sports in undergrad and I always felt that I missed out. Since I’ve been at Tuck, I have made an effort to take sports seriously and just have fun. It’s been a lot of fun playing on intramural basketball and soccer teams. Even if we lose, it doesn’t matter. I love playing team sports and there’s a great community here for that.

Part of the Conversation

More than anywhere else, at Dartmouth, people understand that health care is not what it was 20 or 30 years ago. Everyone here is cognizant of the fact that health care is changing rapidly and there’s a lot of things that need to be done. Some of the conversations we have here, we’re privileged to have, because many high-ranking people in the country aren’t talking enough about these issues. Tuck and Dartmouth are a great place to do an MD/MBA.

My Unique Journey

If you want to go into banking, consulting, or marketing, there are ready-made paths, but if you want to do something different, like understanding health care systems, you can create your own. It takes a little extra work to chart your own course, but there are so many resources here that allow you to do that. Across the board, people at Tuck understand that your journey is personal and are willing to help.

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